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Lawn Care Tip
24 Oct 2017

Lawn Care Tip

Did you know that a sharp mower blade can dramatically improve the look of your lawn? Yes, it’s true! We find that many property owners mow with a dull blade. When you mow with a dull blade, it “tears” the grass, which leaves the tip of the grass brown. This gives the overall lawn a brown and dry appearance.


When you mow with a sharp mower blade, it “cuts” the grass clean and leaves the tips of the grass green, therefore helping the overall look of the lawn. For a typical homeowner, depending on the size of your lawn, you want to sharpen your blade 3-4 times per season.


The next time you mow, take a look at the tips of your grass blades and see if they are “torn” or “cut”. Your lawn might be healthier than it looks!