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Lawn Care Tips – Spring Edition
08 Apr 2020

Lawn Care Tips – Spring Edition

As we get started with our spring applications, many customers want to know what we are putting on their lawns this time of the year.


Your Round 1 application will include granular slow release fertilizer as well as crabgrass preventer. For our full-service customers (four or more applications per year), we also provide a second round of crabgrass control with your Round 2 application. Then, as the ground temperatures warm up this spring, we will add broadleaf weed control as well (typically in later March or early April). Now when you see your trained Brooklawn technician this spring, you will know what he is doing on your lawn.


Remember for the best results for a thicker, greener, and more weed and crabgrass free lawn, mow no shorter than 3 ½ inches.