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Jay-Crew is proud to announce the creation of a new company called Brooklawn Services to handle all of the lawn care & tree care work previously delivered by Jay-Crew Landscape and Showplace Lawncare & Landscaping. By combining the expertise and resources of two teams into one company, strictly focused on lawn and tree care services, we are able to provide an enhanced customer experience. Our caring and knowledgeable team greatly appreciates your loyalty and we look forward to serving you again this year.

Please keep in mind that Jay-Crew and Showplace will both continue providing landscaping services to our individual clients as in the past. This change only affects lawn & tree

Brooklawn Services

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the primary lawn care practices. If done properly has a major positive impact on lawn appearance, but if done improperly can lead to lawn problems.

Tree & Shrub Care

The need for expert tree and shrub care often goes overlooked. But a flourishing landscape will greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property while increasing its value.

Weed Control

Weeds love all of the conditions that your lawn doesn't. Soil that's too dry or too wet, thin spots, underfed grass — they look like home sweet home to all kinds of weeds. If you keep your lawn healthy, you'll do a lot to keep weeds from taking over.

Grub & Insect Control

Although there are many different species, it's best to kill insects, grubs and other pests before they have a chance to cause damage to your lawn.


While core aeration can often provide great benefits for the health and appearance of most turfgrass species, it is not a miracle cure. Aeration will help control soil properties, although it won’t correct a severe problem unless an aggressive program is used.


Brooklawn specialists can help you determine where and when your lawn can benefit from overseeding new seedlings into existing turf to promote overall turf health and development or whether a more detailed turf renovation job is needed to replace old worn out grass with a more tolerant variety.