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Team Member Spotlight
13 Jun 2018

Team Member Spotlight

Meet Chris Morris, Lawncare Technician

Chris Morris has been working in the Green Industry since he was in college and even owned his own landscaping business for over 10 years. As a Lawncare Technician for Brooklawn Services, he knows what it takes to make your lawn green and keep your trees and shrubs healthy. His knowledge of pesticides ensures the highest quality control measures and service standards.


Chris, a native of Yorktown, Indiana, stays very busy even when he isn’t on the job. He enjoys riding dirt bikes, racing motocross, boating, hunting, & spending time with family – including his sister, niece, and nephew that he is very close with. He has a boxer named Bella that is very much a part of his family, too. Chris brings the same passion that he has for his family and sports to his work every day.