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Team Member Spotlight
02 Oct 2020

Team Member Spotlight

Shawn Higgins is not afraid to get his hands dirty, and as a Turf Specialist at Brooklawn Services, he spends a lot of time digging through your yard’s problem areas to find the best solution! He has been in the green industry for 3 years where he has been able to use his experience to specialize in turf care. He enjoys helping others take pride in their home and surroundings. He also likes working alongside Brooklawn customers to ensure their needs are met with the highest service standards.


Shawn, a native of Muncie, IN, stays very busy when he isn’t on the job. He enjoys watching college sports and spending time with his family. He even loves to cook, whether its spending time outside to prepare a meal on the grill or an afternoon in the kitchen. Shawn truly looks
for the best in everything and can see the beauty in even the dirtiest jobs.